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Successful products transcend design – they reflect a company’s brand, demonstrate their core ideas and values. Our experienced, creative team works closely with companies to develop innovative new products that help your business to grow, giving you the edge over your competitors.

We strive to remove all jargon from the process to make it as painless and stress-free as possible, and can work in partnership with your design and marketing teams or independently, to breathe fresh life into existing products or develop exciting new ones.


We take a user-centred approach to design, working with you to understand the needs of the end users and gain first-hand experience of the problem, allowing us to improve and enhance functionality, and drive down the risks associated with introducing a new product. With experience in both consumer and industrial products, involving us at an early stage in your product’s development leads to significant cost savings as we design out the costly parts and processes before manufacture, without compromising on quality. And you don’t need to worry about confidentiality – our non-disclosure agreement (NDA) gives you peace of mind that your idea remains secret until it’s ready to be released to the market.

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Concept Generation +


Concept generation is an exciting part of the design process. Here, we apply our skill, creativity and expertise to generate an innovative solution that matches your design brief and creates a wow factor for the end user. During this stage, we brainstorm ideas, through a mixture of sketches, illustrations, models and photo-realistic visual renderings, to generate concepts that combine your ideas with the end users’ needs. 

This stage of the process gives us the opportunity to discuss the product with you in greater depth, so we can improve and enhance its functionality. Throughout the process, we keep one eye firmly on manufacturing practicalities to ensure that the product is fully manufacturable and cost-effective to produce, without compromising on quality.

We give your idea a sense of life and purpose, presenting the concepts in a variety of formats so you can approach potential investors with the necessary material to drive your project forwards.

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Visual Renders +


Visual renders bring your ideas to life as a realistic visual presentation to help you decide which concept is right for you and illustrate where improvements could be made. We produce realistic, life-like images and animations that help you to test the aesthetics of your product, and can be used to test its market acceptance and demand, giving you fast feedback and creating excitement before a tool is cut or a physical prototype created. 

A visual prototype is a powerful tool in your quest to bring a new product to market and, combined with a physical prototype, can help you in commercial presentations to achieve the support necessary to bring your innovative concept to life.

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Prototyping +


Prototypes are an exciting time, as it’s the first time you can hold a high-quality, full-size representation of your product. We make and test prototypes to check their look, feel, size and style, but this stage is about more than mere product representation. It gives us an opportunity to test a product’s usability and operation, feeding key information into the implementation stage, which minimises changes when the product goes into production saving you time and money


We have links to a large network of suppliers, both in the UK and Far East, and can offer a balance between performancelead time and cost, depending on the requirements needed. Most importantly, we guide you through the process, helping you make fully informed decisions on how to drive your project forward.

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When you’re creating an electronic product, it’s essential to work with a team that understands your vision. We take a collaborative approach to electronic products, working creatively with first-class electrical partners to ensure that you benefit from a fully integrated electrical product that’s robust, intuitive, a joy to use and is compliant with industry standards

We have comprehensive experience in accommodating electronic elements including LEDs, battery compartments, and integrating features such as product enclosures, PCB supports and fixing points into the design, so the final product is fully integrated and cost effective to produce.

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Design for Manufacture +


Good product design is about more than innovation, styling, and user requirements. It’s also about creating a product that can be manufactured appropriately and produced to budget. All our designs are optimised with manufacture in mind, using tolerance analysis to check the manufacturability of the design before it goes to production, and we design for a range of processes including injection moulding, die-cast moulding, CNC machining and investment casting.   



We have the knowledge and expertise to provide all major manufacturing CAD data in a form that’s production ready, and we create features that can be economically replicated to help keep costs down. As many of our clients are undecided on the manufacturing method when they approach us, we offer support to make the necessary changes as part of our flexible service. With a network of suppliers in the UK and Far East, and our sister company Nebulem Manufacturing, we offer a complete service to design, develop and produce your new product.

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Design for Assembly +


Manufacturing is only part of the process to consider when designing a new product. Post-manufacture processes, such as assembly, also need to be considered from the outset. We keep one eye on the bigger picture, evaluating individual part designs and the overall design to identify and eliminate any unnecessary parts.

Throughout the design process we assess each component and, where possible, assign them multiple roles within the assembly. The result is an elegant, functionally efficient product with fewer parts that’s easy to assemble, while you benefit from reduced part costs, improved quality and reliability, and shorter development cycles.

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2D to 3D Conversion +



3D modelling has a number of benefits when it comes to product design, not least that it’s totally unambiguous, unlike 2D design where there are inevitably some areas that remain unclear. However, not everybody has access to 3D software, nor perhaps the training to model some of the advanced features that can be required.


We have the skills and expertise to convert your 2D images, from 2D CAD to paper sketches, into fully detailed, production-ready 3D CAD format that’s compatible with most modern manufacturing techniques. A 3D model will highlight any areas of the product that may not work properly so the issue can be resolved before you move to the production stage, and will enable the creation of prototypes3D modelling will also eliminate any concerns about the storage of paper-based drawings, which can degrade over time, take up considerable space and are at severe risk in the event of fire. We can help with 3D creation at any stage of the design process.

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There are occasions when it’s necessary to reconstruct an existing product or product component accurately for the process of manufacturing – for example, when no drawings exist, the original drawings are very old, or if a critical part is now obsolete with the original manufacturer. In these situations, we can reverse engineer the existing product or product component using a combination of 3D scanning equipment and traditional tools to produce a 3D CAD model.

Once the 3D model has been reconstructed, we can make changes and produce any required drawings, allowing you to reproduce the same product, or modify it to improve its design.

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Nebulem Express +


Speed to market is critical when it comes to product design and development. If you’re in a hurry to move your idea along quickly and confidently, you can rely on Nebulem Express. Our express service is designed for those situations when time seems to be against you: when you have a pressing presentation or exhibition that requires visual aids or a physical prototype, or your product needs to accommodate numerous design iterations but still meet a tight deadline to launch day.


Nebulem Express is a flexible service that will help you to beat the competition. If you’re on a tight deadline and need to stay ahead of the game, contact Nebulem today to discuss our express service. The race is on…